You can add as many dashboards as you want, as long as they are inside the src/dashboards folder. A dashboard must have a .jsx extension. All new dashboards will be available after a server restart: http://localhost:3000/{dashboard-name-here}.


Create new file:

touch src/dashboards/catz.jsx

Add the following to src/dashboards/catz.jsx:

import React from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';

// This is the default stylesheet feel free to add your own
import '../styles/default.scss';

// Import the dashboard widget
import Dashboard from '../widgets/dashboard';

// Import the widgets you want to show on your dashboard
import NumberWidget from '../widgets/number/widget';

    <NumberWidget name="MyCatWidget" title="Catz" />

Now you can run:

npm run start

and browse to http://localhost:3000/catz

Et voila! You are now ready to make your first job and test the other widgets available.

Head over to jobs to see how add a job for this example.