Build Status

The build status widget is designed to show the outcome of a build process. Usually as part of a continuous integration process. The widget has two design states success and fail. Success is green and fail is red. Any other state is blue e.g. pending or running.


  import BuildStatusWidget from '../widgets/build-status/widget';
    title="Build - Master"


Prop Description Required
name Name of widget. Used to update the widget when a job completes Yes
title Title of widget. Usually displayed above the outcome value Yes
size Size of the widget: small (default) or medium can be used Optional

Data Stucture

When building a job for the build-status widget, a single value should be used e.g.

// Successfull build
data: { outcome: 'success' };

// Failed build
data: { outcome: 'fail' };


Sizes will vary as widgets are responsive to the viewport